If you have sustained an injury in a car accident and need experts in making insurance claims you need Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds.

No one wants to be involved in or responsible for a road traffic accident and there are steps you can take to lower the risk of incidents being a part of journey.

Making sure you stay alert at all times in very important. Avoid driving tired and try drinking a strong cup of coffee if you are feeling a little on the sleepy side (giving time to allow for the caffeine to kick in before you set off). If you are making a longer journey be sure to take breaks along the way. We?d recommend stopping for 15 minutes in each 2 hours of driving.

Look out for other road users at all times and make sure you effectively communicate your intended moves on the road i.e. signalling when changing lanes or turning.

Make sure you know your highway code. It can be good to brush up on your road signs so you are aware of any problems or difficult sections of road up ahead.

Keep your car in check at all times making sure that:

? Your windscreen and mirrors are clean and clear

? Your tyres are in good condition and not worn below the minimum legal tread

? Your have the correct water and oil levels

? You have adequate fuel for the planned journey

? Your lights all work correctly

Michael Lewin Solicitors can help you with all kinds of car accident insurance claims if you have sustained an injury from an incident in Leeds or anywhere else throughout England or Wales.

Mr R was awarded £4109 in compensation when he claimed with the help of the team at Michael Lewin Solicitors after someone drove into the rear of his car leaving him with serious injury.

In some road traffic accidents it’s easier to prove liability than in others. If the driver at fault was under the influence of alcohol or drugs or had been inattentive to the road whilst using a mobile phone and the police were called to the scene of the incident those drivers can even face prosecution.

You can still claim compensation for injuries that occurred in accidents for which you were not to blame but did not involve another road user if the circumstances were avoidable (e.g. incident occurred because road markings were not visible or due to a pothole in the road).

To receive the best advice on how to proceed after being injured in a car accident with professionals experienced in making insurance claims call Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds on: 0844 844 8180.

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