If you have been involved in a car accident and you would like Michael Lewin to make an insurance case on your behalf to get you the compensation that you deserve then our solicitors may be able to help you as they have helped hundreds of other clients to make successful claims for financial compensation in the UK. We were thrilled to be able to be of help to our client Mr C who was awarded over £2700.

Mr C was involved in a road traffic accident near his home in Birmingham when he was 39 years of age. The defendant had collided with our client’s car when he failed to stop in time and ploughed on into the back of our client. Our client was awarded £2750 in compensation due to the injuries that he sustained as a direct result of this car crash.

Even if you’re a passenger in the vehicle which was on the road be it a motorbike coach or bus then you are still legally a blameless victim and as such you are entitled to make a claim for financial compensation if you have suffered personal injury as a result of any accident.

I have been involved in a car accident and I would like to make an insurance claim for compensation after I have suffered personal injury; can Michael Lewin take my claim successfully as they have taken on many claims for other clients injured in the UK?

This accident could have had a number of reasons for it occurring. It could be possible that the driver may have been texting on a mobile phone lighting a cigarette or even being distracted by passenger or children being in the car momentary distractions like these can cause collisions to occur.

The most common type of accident from around 204000 accidents which I reported to the police every year is the rear end collision. This is where the car in front is collided with by the car behind causing the clients car damage in the rear and the defendant’s car damage at the front. Almost without exception it is the driver of the car behind who is automatically responsible for the accident taking place.

If you are unsure as to any aspect of your case then Michael Lewin’s highly trained solicitors will be able to clarify the legal aspects which may be causing you concern and they can also give you guidance as to the next step you should take if you want to take your case any further. We can do this on a no obligation basis so if you do not wish to make a claim our initial advice over the phone is free.

Michael Lewin’s committed car accident insurance claims solicitors in the UK will be delighted to hear from you if we can help with any aspect of your case call us today on: 0844 844 8180.

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