Following his car accident Mr M was awarded nearly £2000.00 in personal injury compensation thanks to the specialist road traffic accident lawyers at Michael Lewin Solicitors. The lawyers on the road traffic accident will pursue your compensation claim until they are satisfied you are being offered the full amount you are entitled to for your injuries.

Mr M was the passenger in the vehicle that was responsible for the accident in which he was injured occurring. Nonetheless it was not Mr M that caused the incident therefore he was entitled to make a claim for personal injury compensation. Even though Mr M was in the vehicle responsible for the incident he did not cause the accident himself so he qualified for a personal injury award. Whether you are a passenger in the vehicle that caused the incident or the passenger in a vehicle that was hit by a third party you are eligible for an award if you make a claim within three years of the incident.

You should speak to the experts following a car accident to find out if you are entitled to a compensation award; one quick phone call to the personal injury lawyers at Michael Lewin is all it takes to assess your claim and get started the same day.

The car that Mr M was in was being driven by someone who failed to stop in time as they approached the car in front. As a result of this the car that Mr M was in smashed straight into the rear of the car in front. Typically in an incident of this nature the most common type of injury sustained is the whiplash injury. Whiplash is painful and can take a long time to heal completely. Some people take a week to recover others can take years. The amount of compensation you are awarded for your injury will depend entirely on a number of factors:

? The severity of the injury you have sustained.

? The amount of time it takes you to recover from the injury.

? The level of negative impact that the injury has had on your daily life especially if you have dependents.

? The level of impact the injury has had on your ability to work.

? What the independent medical examiners report states about your injury.

Awards for a whiplash injury range from £1000.00 to £32000.00. It is not easy to predict what award you will receive at your first consultation until we have seen medical evidence of the injuries.

To speak to the car accident lawyers on the personal injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors call: 0844 844 8180and speak to one of our highly trained consultants about your case.

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