The specialist car accident solicitors from Michael Lewin can help you claim the compensation you deserve if a car accident has left you with a personal injury.

A third party driver was responsible for the injuries that Mr D sustained in an accident therefore he was legally entitled to start a claim for personal injury compensation following his accident. Mr D approached Michael Lewin Solicitors for our expert legal advice and we assessed his case free of charge in a matter of minutes. We have so much experience in the personal injury team and such an dedicated team of road traffic accident specialists that we are able to assess your case very quickly and in most cases get your claim started the very same day. It is always the aim of Michael Lewin Solicitors to get every claim settled in the timeliest manner possible.

Mr D’s accident happened as he was driving correctly down a main road. By correctly we mean that Mr D was not breaking the speed limit or driving dangerously his car was road legal and he held a full UK driving licence. Because Mr D was not driving illegally in anyway there was no doubt about his eligibility to make a claim following the accident. The responsibility for the accident was borne entirely by the third party driver that pulled out of a side road and crashed into Mr D’s car.

You should seek advice from experienced and professional car accident solicitors if you are thinking about making a personal injury claim for compensation following a road traffic accident.

Mr D took out professional advice and started with his claim. It was a very straightforward case to settle as the driver who pulled out of the side road and into Mr D’s car should have waited at the give way sight for Mr D to pass safely before pulling out. As the user on the main road it was Mr D’s right of way; any cars wanting to enter the main road have to wait until the road is clear before proceeding. Mr D was awarded a total of over £2500.00 for his injuries thanks to the RTA lawyer who worked on his behalf.

In order to avoid causing a collision on the roads you should take car when waiting at a junction to ensure the road is clear before you pull out. Pay extra attention for bikers and cyclists on the road and always double check before proceeding with caution.

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