Car accidents can be a major cause for personal injury in Liverpool and all over the UK but the claims experts at Michael Lewin can make sure you get the compensation you deserve if you were not at fault.

Although many of us are guilty of speeding at some point most probably don?t stop to think of the consequences the difference of a few miles per hour can make. A pedestrian hit at 40mph faces risks of death four times greater than someone hit at 30mph.

Speed is one of the biggest contributing factors to fatal road accidents and the long term emotional trauma you may have to live with if you kill someone could be devastating. Speed limits are there for a reason it’s important to respect them.

It’s not just exceeding the speed limit that can contribute to road accidents but sometimes driving within in but at speeds that are too fast for the road conditions at the time can have just as serious consequences.

If visibility is poor or road surfaces are slippery slow down to give you more time to react to sudden dangers that could occur ahead of you. The faster you are driving the less time you have to stop.

Michael Lewin Solicitors have a vast experience in handling claims and recovering compensation for personal injuries sustained in car accidents in Liverpool and throughout the UK.

Road accidents can result in all different kinds of injuries being sustained ? from whiplash and bruising to spinal injuries and amputations ? and our experts have experience in handling and maximising compensation claims in all cases.

Mr A 48 was hit in the rear and came to Michael Lewin for help in handling his claim. Our dedicated team helped him to recover £1816.83 in compensation for his injuries.

The amount of compensation you can be awarded depends upon the nature of your injury the length of the recovery period medical expenses that were incurred and any finance losses that occurred as a direct result of the injury.

To get advice on your personal circumstances from an expert legal team that understands that everyone’s needs are different call one of out friendly legal advisors today. Our fully qualified team can explain the claims process to you and give you a realistic idea of what outcome you could expect from making a claim.

To speak with the experts in recovering compensation for injuries suffered in car accidents call the highly qualified legal advisors at Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180.

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