Following a car crash you may need accidents advice about making a claim for personal injury compensation. Michael Lewin Solicitors are here to answer any questions you may have about your eligibility to make a claim or about the process of making a claim.

Mr j used the no win no fee personal injury service provided by Michael Lewin Solicitors in order to successfully complete his personal injury claim. Mr J was injured in a car accident when a third party deriver failed to give way to his correctly proceeding vehicle. The third party vehicle was at a give way sign on a side road and was waiting to pull out onto the main road. Mr J was driving on the main road so he had right of way. The third party driver should have waited at the give way sigh and let Mr J pass safely before pulling out.

Unfortunately for Mr J the third party driver did not wait for him to pass and he pulled out onto the main road; this caused the two vehicles to collide and Mr J was seriously injured.

If you have been in a car crash and a third party was responsible for the accident occurring you need to seek accidents advice from Michael Lewin Solicitors about claiming compensation for any injuries you may have sustained.

Mr J decided to exercise his legal right to make a personal injury claim against the third party that caused his injuries and approachedMichael Lewin Solicitors for help. We took Mr J’s case on after offering him advice about the validity of his claim. Because there was no doubt about the party responsible for the accident we were confident that we would have Mr J’s claim settled very swiftly. We were right to be confident and we were able to achieve a very pleasing result on behalf of Mr J. Mr J was awarded a total of £2115.00 for the personal injury he sustained in the accident and was able to keep 100% of his compensation.

If you choose Michael Lewin Solicitors to help you make your personal injury claim you too will receive 100% of your compensation award. We do not ask you to pay our fees no matter what the outcome of your case if you choose to make a no win no fee claim with us. It is highly unlikely that we will be unable to settle a qualifying claim but if in the event we are unable to resolve your case you do not have to pay for our time. When we do successfully settle your case we will go on to secure our fees from the insurers of the person that caused your accident.

To find out about your eligibility to make a claim after a car crash or to ask any questions about claiming car accidents compensation call Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180

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