Michael Lewin Solicitors are the best firm to help you make your car crash claim because of the vast team of experts we have who each specialise in different areas of road traffic collisions.

No matter how you were travelling at the time of your road traffic accident you are legally entitled to make a claim for personal injury compensation if another vehicle operator on the roads has caused you to sustain injuries in a crash. Within our personal injury team we have specialists who deal with accidents on the road for different groups of road user.

Car drivers are able to make a personal injury claim; following an accident caused by a third party providing we are able to prove that the accident was not your fault. Proving fault for the accident does not really apply too much to victims of collisions who were travelling as the passenger in a car. The only reason we would need to know who as liable for the accident is to ensure we are claiming against the correct insurance company.

If you were a pedestrian you can make a claim for personal injury compensation following an accident if a vehicle operator has left you with injuries. You can even make a claim for personal injury compensation if you were injured whilst trying to get out of the path of a dangerously travelling vehicle. If you have been the victim of a hit and run accident we can also help you claim the compensation you deserve.

You can make a car crash claim if you have been injured as a driver a passenger a cyclist or a pedestrian. We have specialists here at Michael Lewin who can help you no matter how you were travelling at the time of your accident.

Motorcyclists and pushbike riders who are a very vulnerable group of road users also qualify for making a road traffic accident claim if their injuries have been sustained in a road traffic collision providing a third party caused the accident. The level of compensation received by this group tends to be a lot higher because of the nature of the accident and the types of injury that are sustained.

Mr H was awarded a total of £2166.85 in personal injury compensation because a third party driver reversed into his vehicle causing him to sustain personal injury. Even at this low speed Mr H sustained and injury that made his suffer for some time following the accident.

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