Being involved in a car crash can be terrifying for anyone and the incident as well as the injuries can take some coming to terms with; the claim executives at Michael Lewin Solicitors can help you claim the compensation you deserve so that you can deal with the accident and hopefully move on.

For car crash victims claiming compensation can be the starting point of moving on from the trauma of the incident and getting life back to normal. Many parts of your life can be heavily affected by the effects of a car accident. Physical injuries can cause extreme amounts of pain and can make getting through the day a log and painful exercise. If your injuries are so severe that you cannot work you may start to struggle financially if you are losing out on your wages. Even little things like picking up your own child can become impossible.

Do not worry though we will do everything we can for each and every client to ensure you are fully compensated not just for your injuries but for any losses you have incurred as a result of your injuries. At Michael Lewin Solicitors your case is assigned to just one solicitor; this solicitor will take a personal interest in your case and will be your point of contact for any queries you have or for any support you need. All our highly qualified legal advisors have exceptional customer service skills and take a personal interest in the wellbeing of their clients.

If you have been involved in a car crash and you need to know about your eligibility to make a claim you should speak to one of the specialist road traffic accident solicitors on the personal injury team at Michael Lewin. We can assess your case over the phone and in most cases give you an answer immediately about the validity of your case.

We helped Mr M from Barkisland made a claim for personal injury compensation after he was injured in a road traffic accident through no fault of his own. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the solicitor that Mr M’s case was assigned to he was awarded nearly £2000.00 in compensation for his injuries. Mr M was able to keep the full amount of compensation he was awarded as we worked on a ?no win no fee? basis on his behalf.

To speak to the specialist advisors on the car crash claim tem at Michael Lewin Solicitors about your case call: 0844 844 8180today.

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