The car crash claims experts on the personal injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors are here to helpyou if a third party driver has caused you to be involved in a road traffic collision and if you have sustained injuries in the crash.

The situation above was one that Mrs J unfortunately found herself in when a third party driver crashed into the rear of her vehicle. Mrs J was proceeding correctly on a road when the third party driver unexpectedly hit her in the rear. The force of the impact caused Mrs J to sustain a serious personal injury.

Mrs J contacted Michael Lewin Solicitors about her chances of claiming compensation for her pain and suffering. One of the personal injury lawyers advised Mrs J that she had a very strong chance of successfully pursuing a claim so she decided to proceed. We were able to settle Mrs J’s straightforward claim in a matter of a few months and she was awarded a total of £2808.00 in personal injury compensation. Cases like the one that Mrs j was involved in are often straightforward and can be settled quickly as there is rarely any argument over who is to blame for the incident; the second car the one that crashed into the back of the car in front is usually the vehicle to blame for the incident.

You need the help of specialist car crash claims solicitors if you want to get the best possible result for your car crash claim.

Rear end collisions happen in a number of different places on the roads but are commonly found at give way junctions traffic lights in slow moving traffic and at roundabouts. It is not these places that cause the accidents it is the vehicle operators in them that are to blame for the incidents occurring.

Reckless drivers those who drivewithout any regard for the safety of other road users are to blame for a high proportion of these accidents. Reckless drivers are those that deliberately travel too close to the car in front or weave in and out of lanes without obeying the Highway Code.

Careless drivers those who are not paying attention to the roads because they are too easily distracted are also responsible for a number of the accidents that take place. A driver who is too busy eating a sandwich is not dedicating 100% of their attention to the road ahead and were much more likely to be the cause of a rear end collision because they have not noticed that there has been a change to the flow of traffic.

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