Car crash injuries range from a bit of bruising from an airbag to whiplash injuries to broken bones and possibly paralysis. Every car accident is different and every injury is different; this is why you will be treated like an individual by Michael Lewin Solicitors and not just another case number.

The kind of injuries mentioned above are more likely to be sustained in high speed collision or a collision between a car and a larger vehicle but are not exclusively limited to these events. The accident that miss M was involved in could have had a much worse outcome because she was travelling on a multilane carriageway with a high speed limit.

Miss M’s car was caused to become involved in an accident when a third party driver decided to change lanes and crashed straight into the side of Miss M’s correctly proceeding vehicle. Either the driver of the third party vehicle had not checked their mirrors properly and looked over their shoulder before moving or they had misjudged the distance they had to perform the manoeuvre and crashed as a result. Whatever the reason for the third party driver trying to chance lanes and causing the accident the accident was not Miss M’s fault. The third party driver was entirely responsible for the accident so Miss M was entitled to make a personal injury claim for the injuries she had sustained.

If you think you are entitled to compensation for your car crash injuries you need to start the legal process of claiming as soon as possible- you may miss the three year deadline if you leave it too late.

Miss M started her claim within three years of the accident and because the accident was not her faulty Miss M’s claim was settled quickly and the outcome was a positive one. Michael Lewin Solicitors were able to award Miss M with a total of £2411.00 for the injuries she sustained in the accident.

When you are travelling on a motorway in order to avoid causing an accident like the one that Miss m was involved in you should always be very careful when performing any sort of manoeuvre especially changing lanes. Checking your mirrors is vital but taking a ?lifesaver? glance over your shoulder before pulling out really could save your life. Even a large HGV can sometimes be missed because of the blind spot in your mirror; crashing into the side of an HGV on a motorway at speed could result in a fatal injury.

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