Car crash injury claims are made by innocent victims of road traffic accidents all over the UK every single day. Many of these claims are being dealt with by Michael Lewin Solicitors because we are the number one choice for clients who want the best legal representation on a no win no fee basis.

Many accidents like the one that Miss B was involved in take place in areas where there are traffic control measures in place. Traffic controls are in place to keep the flow of traffic moving and to ensure that people have the safest journey possible. Traffic control measures are in place to protect both vehicle operators and people travelling on foot. It is not the placement of the traffic control methods that cause the road traffic accidents; it is the road users themselves. Miss B’s accident occurred when she was stationary at some traffic lights and a third party driver crashed into the rear of her car. An award of £1000 was safely secured for Miss B by Michael Lewin Solicitors.

You need to speak to a car crash injury claims specialist from Michael Lewin before your proceed with your claim; we will carefully explain the process to you and see if we can help you claim compensation for any additional losses you have incurred as a direct result of your injury.

Vehicle operator error at traffic lights accounts for an alarming number of accidents that occur on the road. Accidents occur at traffic lights when a driver ignores the red light and proceeds anyway in doing this they are running the risk of causing a correctly proceeding car to be involved in a collision. Sometimes when all the vehicles are stationary at a red light and the light changes the vehicle in front will not set of as quickly as the second car is prepared for it to do which means the second car drives into the car in front.

A lot of traffic light accidents occur because the cars approaching the stationary vehicles already at the traffic lights do not prepare to slow down because they think the lights may have changed before they reach them; when the lights do not change they do not have chance to stop and crash into a waiting vehicle. A lot of the time the driver approaching the cars at the red light just doesn?t notice that the cars are there and crashed into the back of the. Whatever the reason for the accident it is always the second car that is responsible for the accident.

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