Michael Lewin Solicitors will endeavour to help each and every car crash victim claim the compensation they deserve if their accident was caused by a third party driver.

Traffic in London can be chaotic and drivers should pay extra attention when driving in congested areas like London. Mrs T was injured in a car accident in London because a third party driver emerged from side road and failed to give way to Mrs T’s correctly proceeding car. Mrs T was already travelling on the main road at the time of the accident so she automatically had right of way; there were no signs to indicate that cars coming from the side road were to have right of way. The third party vehicle did not wait for Mrs T to pass safely and set off from the junction a little too early; this caused them to drive straight into the rear passenger side of Mrs T’s car causing a major road traffic collision.

Mrs T received an award of £2550.00 in personal injury compensation thanks to the support and expert representation she received from Michael Lewin Solicitors when she made her no win no fee claim.

If you have been a car crash victim and you have sustained a personal injury you can make a claim against the insurer of the person responsible for the accident. You can claim compensation to cover your injury and any losses you have made as a direct result of your injury.

In areas like London the roads are heavily congested and the traffic is quite often delayed. These kind of conditions can cause drivers to become impatient which is when accidents like the one Mrs t was involved in to happen more often. You also have to remember when travelling in big cities that there are a higher number of pedestrians and cyclists using the roads as this is often a quicker way to travel when the traffic volume is so high.

Extra care should be taken by vehicle operators to look out for pedestrians and cyclists as they are a very vulnerable group of road users; they have no protection from injury if they are involved in a collision with a car an can often sustained very serious or even fatal injuries in the event of a collision. Checking your mirrors is vital for spotting cyclists weaving in and out of the traffic if you want to avoid collision with one.

If you need car crash victim support and help with making a claim call Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180.

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