If you have been unfortunate enough to been involved in a car accident through no fault of your own then you should seek advice about making a personal injury claim our solicitors at Michael Lewin could be of service to you after a road traffic accident on the roads in Bradford. Our solicitors were delighted to be able to be of service to their client Mr K from Stockton to enable him to get acompensation pay-out of over £3000.

Mr K was 34 years old when the defendant reversed into our client’s car he was awarded compensation of £3019.69.

This is a slightly more unusual situation most commonly in a two-car collision the driver of the second vehicle is usually deemed to be at fault for the accident having occurred. Most frequently drivers in this situation have rear ended the car in front. In the case of Mr K the defendant had reversed into his car in this situation it is well worth finding out if any other witnesses saw the defendants reversing lights on whilst the accident took place.

I have been involved in a car crash through no fault of my own I have sustained a personal injury as a result of the road traffic accident on the roads in Bradford; could Michael Lewin take my claim for compensation on a no win no fee basis?

Once we have established blame on behalf of the defendant we are then able to take your claim for compensation for all the financial losses you have sustained since the accident to the defendant’s insurance company.

The more that you keep a journal of all expenses that you have had to pay out since the accident the easier it is for us to ensure that we do not miss anything from financial settlement that you may be entitled to.

If your insurance company requires you to pay in excess it is best if you keep all paperwork relating to this and all other expenses in a safe place to allow us to be able to have a paper trail to prove your financial expenditure. We can claim compensation much more speedily if you have kept this information.

Even if you were a passenger in a car if you have sustained a personal injury on the roads in Bradfordthrough no fault of your own then youmay be entitled to make a no win no fee claim come to the experts at Michael Lewin to ensure that your claim is successful call us today on: 0844 844 8180.

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