If you were in a car at the time your injury was sustained because a third party driver caused the accident you could be eligible to make a compensation claim.

A personal injury claim has recently been settled by Michael Lewin Solicitors on behalf of Mr M who was injured in a road traffic collision through no fault of his own. Mr M had been proceeding correctly on a main road at the time of the accident. Mr M could not have been help responsible for the incident in any way as he as the driver on a main road had right of way. As Mr M was proceeding a third party driver pulled out from a side road where it was the third party driver’s responsibility to give way to Mr M and crashed straight into Mr M’s car. Because there was nothing Mr M could have done to prevent the collision he was automatically not at fault for the accident.

Because Mr M sustained injuries in the accident which caused him to suffer in the weeks following he decided to come to Michael Lewin Solicitors for advice about making a personal injury claim. We advised Mr M in his free consultation that he had a very strong chance of running a successful case and that we were confident we would be able to settle his claim. Based on our advice Mr M decided to proceed with his claim and it was settled with a positive outcome. Mr M was awarded nearly £2000.00 for his injuries and we were extremely pleased with the result.

Michael Lewin Solicitors can help you make a car related injury claim for personal injury compensation if a third party driver has caused you to be involved in a road traffic accident in the UK.

When pulling out from a junction in order to avoid causing an accident like the one Mr M was injured in the following advice may be useful:

? Remember that if you are emerging from a side road you must give way to the vehicles on the main road because they have right of way.

? Make sure you always look left and right to check for oncoming traffic.

? Do not attempt to judge the speed of an oncoming vehicle before you pull out; wait for them to pass before proceeding.

? Do not attempt to judge the distance of an oncoming vehicle; they may be travelling faster than you think. Wait until the road is clear before moving.

To start your claim for car accident injury compensation today call Michael Lewin Solicitors dedicated personal injury consultants on: 0844 844 8180.

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