Michael Lewin Solicitors can help you make a claim against the car insurance of the person responsible for your road traffic accident; the claims experts can also help you if you have been hit by an uninsured driver.

Mrs D was awarded a four figure sum of compensation after a third party driver damaged her car and her person in a road traffic collision. Because a third party was responsible for Mrs D’s injuries she was entitled to make a claim against the third parties insurers or her injuries.

Every road user in the UK has to have a valid car insurance policy covering their vehicle; this policy is in place so that if an accident is to occur or any claims are made against them they are covered for any damage to a third party. The minimum cover you are able to have in order to be legal on roads in the UK is third party.

There are three main levels of car insurance available on the markets in the UK today. These are provided by hundreds of different insurance companies across the UK and although some parts of the policies may differ from others they all provide the same basic insurance. The three different types of car insurance that are widely available are:

? Third party only: This type of insurance covers the driver of the vehicle to drive on the UK roads but in the event of an accident occurring the insurance will only pay out for any damages done to a third party if the accident was the fault of the policy holder. With this type of insurance if you write your car off your insurance company will not award you money for a new one.

? Third party fire and theft: This level of cover provides the protection above but also provides cover if your car sets on fire or if your car is stolen. This cover will still not pay out for any losses of the policy holder in the event of an accident unless damage has been done to a third party caused by the policy holder.

? Comprehensive cover: Although this type of cover varies slightly from policy to policy (some policies may include windscreen cover some may not) the level of cover is usually standard. This insurance company will make an award to the policy holder if they are involved in a car accident as well as awarding a third party if the accident is the fault of the policy holder. This is the best type of insurance cover to have for your car.

To claim against a negligent third parties car insurance after a road traffic accident call the claims experts on the personal injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180.

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