Catastrophic Testicular NHS Blunder

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Recent statistics released by NHS Resolution, reveals an estimated £2.8 million in compensation has been awarded to 137 men in the last 6 years, following catastrophic surgical errors.

Treatment for these victims, was being provided for a variety of Testicular conditions. However, due to the failings of NHS professionals, were misdiagnosed or suffered the loss of one or both Testicles, during unnecessary or incorrect procedures performed. In some cases, further surgery was required to remove the Testicle which was originally affected.

The men involved have been left with devastating, life changing injuries, embarrassment and infertility. Concerns have now been raised that thousands of other men may be suffering ‘in silence.’

Long term affects may also include loss of sex drive, depression or low mood, lethargy, weight gain and even breast swelling.

Testicles create around 90% of the body’s Testosterone, a hormone that regulates typical male characteristics such as a deep voice, hair pattern, as well as bone growth and sperm growth.

Compensation is awarded if negligent treatment can be shown, and if damage has been caused as a result. A typical payment for circumstances in which a man is left with just one Testicle is in the region of £20,000. Payment of up to £70,000 may be appropriate, if both Testicles are removed and medical infertility is caused as a result.

Special damages can also be awarded to enable the victim to undergo cosmetic surgery for prosthetic Testicle(s), fertility treatment and therapy for psychological injury.

If you or a loved one have been affected by any of the issues outlined above, or have undergone another type of testicular treatment that has gone wrong, please do not hesitate to contact Michael Lewin Solicitors to arrange a discreet conversation with a member of our specialist Clinical Negligence team.

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