Priests Arrested For Horrific Child Abuse!

Priests Arrested For Horrific Child Abuse!

The Christian Brothers Organisation are a catholic establishment that run schools all over the world including St Ninian’s which closed in the 80’s. However it has now come to light after multiple victims have come forward that six of the priests were guilty of physical and sexual abuse when the school was open.

To think that religious authorities could commit such an offence and get away with it for so long makes one wonder about how people use their power in society. By praying on innocent children they have targeted the vulnerable who are less inclined to distinguish right from wrong and when they do will be intimidated by protesting against those in authority.

The men now all aged between 60 and 76 have been charged with multiple abuse charges. They are currently on bail while the investigation continues.

Although six men have been arrested who knows if any more of this catholic organisation are connected? In 2010 abuse claims against catholic priests saw a dramatic rise with 428 new allegations. However this was not as high as 2004 which saw 889 people report sexual abuse against priests.

David Sharp one of the victims to come forward has stated that his grooming began as young as 10. He said that he was subjected to sexual abuse in his room and sadistic beatings in a shower block and that “He had control of everything I did. And when he told me to go to his room I went.”

He was also taken to Ireland on multiple occasions at the holidays by accused priest Frank Ryan. Sharp recalled how up to five men took it in turns to rape him and is deeply traumatized by the events. He believes that Ryan used his kindness and Sharp’s need of love to make him a victim.

Sharp stated: “I had never experienced any kind of love or affection. Here was someone showing me affection and love and making me do things to him that made him feel good.”

“He was telling me he loved me. This made me feel good and that what I was doing was right.”

“Even now 35 years later I still get flashbacks of being hung by a piece of rope round my neck on to the shower and my hands tied behind my back and him beating me with a belt.”

His abuser is now dead and beyond justice. The police have also told him that convictions for historic abuse are very difficult to secure.

Melissa from MLS says: ” In this circumstance it seems that powers are using their religion as a shield to hide behind because they are the least expected of a crime as horrific as this. They prey on the young and the weak and confuse them into believing what they are doing is acceptable and normal. They try to turn their abuse into love. This is sickening and we can only hope that the victims gain the compensation they deserve and that the rest of the accused men still living are sent to prison for the rest of their life-time.”

Sharp is also campaigning to get the bar lifted for the three year cut off for reporting abuse which stops victims coming forward to report abuse.

The Christian Brothers have been heavily implicated in the abuse scandals which have shaken the Catholic Church. They have been at the centre of inquiries in Canada Australia Ireland America and the UK and millions of pounds have been paid to hundreds of victims.

If you have been subjected to criminal injury consisting of sexual abuse contact us now for advice on gaining compensation and some form of justice. Nothing can ever eradicate the trauma of such horrific events however the law is here to try and do something about it!

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