You can make a CICA claim in the UK if you have been injured due to a criminal act of violence.

Not all cases qualify for an award. The CICA has set certain criteria that each case must fulfil before the CICA will accept the claim. When we present your case to the CICA we will need to be certain that your case meets all the qualifying requirements. After the initial assessment over the phone we will need to investigate the following to ensure that we are presenting all the information to the CICA in a manner that they will find favourable:
? Confirmation from the police that dealt with the incident that you were a blameless victim and that a crime of violence did take place. Quite often we will need to collect witness statements from anyone who saw the incident so that we can be sure of the events that led up to the incident taking place.
? We will also need to know if you have any criminal convictions. You need to be honest about your criminal history as the CICA will compare the information you have put on your application with the records provided by the police. Any discrepancies and your award may be refused.
? A report from your doctor to confirm that you did sustain injuries that meet with the minimum award of £1000.00 and the length of time it took you to recover from the incident. Occasionally we may require reports from a specialist depending on the nature of your injuries.

To make a CICA claim in the UK you have to be able to provide the above to qualify for compensation. There are other factors that are taken into consideration and your designated solicitor will explain this to you.

Mr L wanted to make a claim for criminal injury compensation but unfortunately his claim did not meet with the criteria set by the CICA. Mr L had been at a friend’s house; this friend owed Mr L £10.00. Mr L’s friend did not have the money he owed to Mr L so the two men were arguing. Mr L’s friend pushed him during the argument and spat in his face.

Mr L retaliated and pushed his friend so that he fell onto the floor. When Mr L’s friend got up he attacked Mr L with a brick. Mr L was hit over the head with the brick and now has scars on his head and suffers from a stiff neck. Unfortunately Mr L provoked his friend by pushing him back and is unlikely to receive an award; we have had to reject his claim for compensation.

If you want to start a CICA claim in the UK call Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 499 9302.

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