Cigarettes To Be Recalled And Made Illegal For Anyone Born After 2000

Cigarettes To Be Recalled And Made Illegal For Anyone Born After 2000

The British Medical Association (BMA) have voted in favour for a government ban on cigarettes to anyone born after the year 2000. The year was chosen so that it would not prevent any adults already addicted from smoking but that gradually over time would mean smoking became illegal.

Supporters of the notion claim this measure is necessary because 80 percent of smokers make the decision to smoke as a child which leads to their addictions. Studies have proven it is very rare for people to start smoking as an adult with 66 percent starting before the age of 18. With 10 million smokers in the UK the notion is said to provide action in attempts of encouraging and supporting smokers to quit and preventing children from starting in the first place.

Tim Crocher-Buque instigator of the notion stated that our next generations do not need to suffer the hundreds of millions of deaths that the 20th century have and that the idea behind the proposal was to stop people becoming addicted to smoking by making it illegal as children. In summary the idea follows the theory that no one misses what they never had and in this respect children will not have such a strong desire to smoke if it is not available to them.

George Butterworth Cancer Research UK’s tobacco policy manager has agreed that steps need to be continuously taken in order to prevent the 100000 deaths every year caused by smoking and described the proposal as an interesting idea. However the smoker’s group Forest have shunned the motion classing it as “preposterous and discriminatory.” They also stated that banning smoking will be counter-productive because it will lead to an increase in criminality as cigarettes will become illegally supplied like drugs.

What do you think should cigarettes be recalled for being the cause of thousands of deaths? Or should people withhold the right to make the decision for themselves regardless of their age?

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