Case Study: Unfair dismissal claim in Bristol

Claim For Unfair Dismissal Bristol Do you think that you are ready to speak to a professional about a claim for unfair dismissal in Bristol and would like to contact Michael Lewin Solicitors regarding what you have been suffering at work? Are you of the opinion that the way that you have been treated has not followed protocol and would like to discuss with an expert what your options would be if you do decide to go forward with a case for compensation? Is now the right time to you to begin to consider the financial security that compensation could bring to your situation which has begun to worsen?

We received an enquiry from Mrs B who explained to one of our advisors that she had been a supervisor for a large cleaning company for approximately 2 years. The contract that she was on depicted that she worked for two hours a day five days per week. Mrs B explained that she had encountered numerous problems with one of the girls that she supervised and had lodged a number of complaints against this person. None of these complaints had been dealt with and so she asked for a meeting to be called regarding this person.

The meeting was cancelled and Mrs B was accused of bullying the girl that was in her care. Following this Mrs B had an accident at work last year and has started a claim for her injury which is still unresolved as the employer is denying liability. Mrs B believes that the reason why she had an injury was that there had been no training for the accident and that all members of staff were asked to sign a form which said that they had attended a training session when they had not. This enquiry was placed as a potential constructive dismissal or unfair dismissal as Mrs B explained that she was struggling to continue to work in this environment.

Do you think that you have a case for compensation and would like to speak to Michael Lewin Solicitors about a claim for unfair dismissal in Bristol? Have you been trying to find the right people to discuss your situation with so that you can begin a case for compensation?

If your working environment has become similar to this and you are experiencing circumstances in which you feel you can no longer work for your employer it is possible that a case for compensation could be brought against your employer in this instance. By contacting our expert team we are able to establish whether your case could be eligible and we will proceed should the evidence be sufficient to warrant a case for compensation.

If you are ready to make this decision Michael Lewin Solicitors may be able to help and we suggest that you contact our team to deliver the details of your working environment and the aspects that you are unhappy with.

If you would like to speak to Michael Lewin Solicitors about a claim for unfair dismissal in Bristol you can speak to our team on 0844 844 9866.

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