You can make a claim for any injuries sustained in a car accident if you were not responsible for the incident taking place. Michael Lewin Solicitors can help you pursue your case if you are eligible for an award.

The personal injury lawyer working on behalf of Miss M was incredibly pleased to be able to award her over £4000.00 in personal injury compensation after she was injured in a road traffic collision. Miss M was the passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a road traffic accident; the driver of the vehicle failed to allow another car to emerge from a side road and collided directly with that vehicle.

As a general rule you are usually entitled to make a claim for personal injury compensation as the passenger in a vehicle involved in a road traffic collision whether it is the driver of the vehicle you are in or a third party driver that caused the incident. In order to qualify for an award you have to have sustained genuine injuries in the accident and you must start your claim within three years of the accident occurring. Leaving it too late to make a claim will mean you do not get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. It is very rare that the passenger in a car is responsible for an accident occurring. Responsibility for the safe driving of the car is always down to the driver.

To find out if you are eligible to make a claim for a car accident you should speak to the personal injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors. We can offer you free no obligation advice about your eligibility to make a claim against a third party for any injuries or losses you sustained due to their negligence.

In order to help keep yourself safe on the roads you should always obey the speed limits and be vigilant about what other road users are doing. Sometimes natural disasters or environmental factors cause accidents that not even the best drivers could avoid but the majority of accidents are down to human error.

Some of the main things to do to keep safe on the roads are:

? Keep a safe distance between you and the car in front so you have ample time to brake should the unexpected occur.

? Pay attention to all road signs; road signs are there to make you aware of any potential hazards in the road which could help you avoid an accident.

? Do not run red lights or pull out at stop signs. These road safety measures are there to ensure that accidents are prevented and by ignoring them you are increasing your risk of an accident.

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