If you want to make a claim for a personal injury following a car crash you need to do so within three years of the accident occurring. Claims outside the three year time limit will not be accepted for consideration.

Mrs G decided to make her personal injury claim not long after the accident happened so she was well within the time limit for making a successful road traffic accident injury claim. Mrs G was injured when a third party driver smashed into the rear of her vehicle. As a result of the incident Mrs G was left in pain and had to suffer with her injuries until they healed fully. An award of £1544.00 was offered to Mrs G for her injuries and she was happy to settle her case for that amount. We were pleased that Mrs G was awarded the compensation she deserved and that we were able to settle her case in a timely manner.

There was nothing Mrs G could have done to stop the accident from happening or to avoid the accident because she was proceeding lawfully at the time. In incidents of this nature the liability for the accident is very easy to prove and Michael Lewin Solicitors are able to settle most rear end collision cases within three to six months.

To claim for injuries sustained in a car crash the accident must have been caused entirely by a third party. If you caused the accident you will not qualify for an award.

The time it takes to make a personal injury claim depends on a multitude of factors but the biggest factor generally speaking is whether or not the third party is willing to accept liability for the accident. If the third party is willing to accept liability we can get personal injury claim settled within three to six months depending on whether or not you are willing to settle for the amount you are offered in the first instance.

If the third party will not accept responsibility we may have a bit of a fight on our hands and your case could take a little bit longer. The personal injury team at Michael Lewin love a challenge so do not panic if the third party will not admit liability; we will gather all the evident we need in order to prove that you were not to blame for the accident. We will gather witness statements CCTV footage if there is any and reports from the police. Your case is in safe hands with us.

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