You are entitled to claim compensation following any accident if a third party is responsible for the accident occurring. You can only make a claim if you sustained an injury in the accident and if it has taken place in the last three years.

Compensation is widely available in the UK for anyone who has sustained a genuine injury in a road traffic collision. If you have been the driver of a vehicle that was involved in a road traffic collision because of the fault of a third party vehicle then you can access compensation for your injuries providing you can prove that you did not cause the accident.

As the passenger in a vehicle whether you were in the at-fault vehicle or not your claim will generally be accepted for consideration because no liability for the accident can be held by you. Providing you submit your claim for car passenger injury compensation within three years of the accident occurring there is a strong chance you will be offered an award. If the car you were travelling in caused the accident you are entitled to make a claim against the insurer of the vehicle driver. If a third party vehicle caused the accident both you and the driver of the vehicle you were in are entitled to make a claim for personal injury compensation against the third party.

Making a claim for compensation is easy if you let Michael Lewin Solicitors act on your behalf. We will always act in the best interests of our clients ensuring that the best possible result for their case is achieved.

If you were involved in a collision as a pedestrian or cyclist and you can prove that the accident was not caused by your carelessness or recklessness then you can make a claim for personal injury compensation against the vehicle operator that caused you to sustain an injury con the roads.

Motorcycle compensation is also available for bikers that have been injured because of a third party vehicle operator on the road. You can even make a claim for biker compensation if a third party driver caused you to crash your bike by their dangerous driving but did not actually hit you. These types of cases are often more difficult to prove but the personal injury lawyers at Michael Lewin like a good challenge.

Mrs C’s case had a successful outcome thanks to the personal injury team from Michael Lewin Solicitors. Mrs C was injured whilst she was travelling as the passenger in a car that was hit in the rear by a third party driver. Mrs C made a personal injury claim and was awarded a total of £2764.00 in compensation for the injuries she sustained all thanks to Michael Lewin.

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