If you have suffered injuries and need to claim compensation as a result of an accident at work in the Manchester area or anywhere else in the UK then the committed team at Michael Lewin will be only too happy to take on your claim.

Mr M was 49 years old and he had been living in Norwich when he sustained injuries after a trip in work. He had tripped on a cable which had been left in a walkway at his workplace. Our client has suffered soft tissue injury and bruising due to his accident from the cable being left in the walkway at work.

Michael Lewin get very frustrated when we see clients be injured needlessly through no fault of their own. Clients approach us to get compensation after they endure the financial losses which injuries like Mr M has suffered create. Very small changes in the practices in a workplace can make a vast difference to the employees in the work environment. In some cases we have fought on behalf of clients whose workplace had not attempted to make the cables in the office be safe at all. Most DIY stores sell cable tidies and easily utilisable and inexpensive products which could prevent trips occurring so frequently.

If you need to claim compensation after an accident at work in the Manchester area then Michael Lewin will be happy to help. Employers need to think very carefully about the prevention or control of exposure to substances and items which can cause employees harm whether this is an instant harm or whether this hazard is caused by prolonged exposure to a substance which may be harmful in the longer term. Employees can easily spot when they are not valued and treatment of workplaces needs to be thought out with the safety of staff at the forefront of every decision.

If your employer has failed to do any of the above or if you would like further guidance about your employer’s responsibilities phone now to speak to a highly trained and caring member at Michael Lewin’s solicitors today. We can give a more in depth analysis of your claim and we will be able to advise you if your claim is able to be taken on by our staff with all the fees paid by ourselves or the other side.

Call Michael Lewin on:0844 499 9302 today ifyou need to claim compensation after an accident at work in Manchester. Our approachable staff will run through your case without the legal jargon.

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