When an accident at work injured Miss B’s toe Michael Lewin Solicitors accepted her case on a no win no fee basis; Michael Lewin are highly skilled and experienced in helping their clients claim compensation for an injury at work in the UK and always accept their cases on a no win no fee basis.

Miss B from Warrington was at work when a pack of tiles fell off the shelf and landed on her toe. She was 23 years old at the time of the accident which left her suffering and in pain. Employers have a duty to ensure that any potential hazards in the workplace are constantly assessed to avoid any unforeseen accidents that can injure their employees.

Every UK employer has a duty of care. This is critical to the health safety and general welfare of all employees. Not all employers are aware of the implications of the duty of care. But it doesn?t matter how small a business happens to be. Where there’s any member of staff there is a duty of care responsibility.

An employer should have a person who deals with health and safety matters. This person must be legally competent. In other words that person should have the ability to understand the concerns around health and safety. In many smaller businesses the owner will take the responsibility for the health and safety whilst in larger organisations there may be a few staff with health and safety issues as their full time role.

When it comes to duty of care the primary job of the competent person is to carry out a risk assessment. This needs to identify the health and safety risks of each employee in the workplace.

The outcome of the risk assessment may vary according to the size of an organisation. If it has five or more employees a competent person has to keep a record of the assessment’s results.

Michael Lewin’s vast knowledge of dealing with a claim for compensation for an injury at work in the UK ensured that Miss B received an exceptional level of service and the maximum compensation for her claim. Section 2 of the Health and safety act 1974 continues by saying that if the company employs more than four people the employer must have a written health and safety policy consisting of three parts:

? Statement of intent ? to include the aims and objectives for what will be achieved in terms of health and safety for the company.
? An organisation chart ? stating who is responsible down the chart for health and safety within the company.
? An arrangements section ? to contain all the procedures for compliance with the relevant laws affecting the company for example a fire evacuation procedure with training records to keep all staff updated on their responsibilities in the event of an emergency.

Miss B didn?t have to pay any money up front and was awarded £1300.00 in compensation. Michael Lewin’s clients always receive 100% of the compensation.

If you would like to claim compensation for an injury at work in the UK call Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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