If you want to make a claim for the industrial deafness compensation you are entitled to which is appropriate for the level of deafness you have suffered you need to speak to a specialist from the industrial disease division of Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds as soon as you have been diagnosed as hearing impaired.

If a medical professional has diagnosed you as suffering from a degree of hearing loss or damage to your inner ear and you think it was caused because you have been working without adequate protection in a noisy environment you could make a successful industrial hearing injury claim to compensate you for your suffering.

Michael Lewin Solicitors are happy to offer top legal representation using the conditional fee agreement to any genuine hearing injury victim who has suffered due to the lack of health and safety measures in their place of work controlling the noise in the workplace or employees exposure to noise in the workplace.

The unfortunate problem of industry related hearing loss is continuing to be a problem for many people who worked in noisy industries such as mining or the manufacturing of steel years ago when there was no such thing as strict health and safety measures regarding the control of noise at work. Many claims are still being started by people who have noticed a deterioration in their hearing and can link it directly to the unsafe conditions they spent years working in. some employees spent tens of years working in excessively noisy environments without adequate or any protection.

If you want to make a successful claim for industrial deafness compensation you need one of the professional and dedicated experts from the industrial disease team at Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds to make a claim on your behalf under the conditional fee agreement.

There is an exceptional team of experienced and fully qualified industrial disease executives working at Michael Lewin in different divisions; all of whom work together to ensure that the industrial illness and injury division can accept every type of industrial disease claim and settle every eligible case successfully. We have an astounding track record of successfully settling industrial deafness claims on behalf of innocent unsafe workplace employees who are suffering because of the lack of health and safety measures in their place of work. We are constantly striving to get the best possible results for all of our industrial disease clients and maintain the exceptionally high level of legal representation that we give on a no win no fee basis.

Mr t sought our legal representation when he decided to make a hearing loss claim for compensation. Mr T a miner is now completely deaf in one ear but luckily we were able to secure him a total of £27600.00 in compensation.

If you want to start a claim for industrial deafness compensation and you want to do so with the help of a professional and dedicated solicitor then you need to call Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds as soon as possible on: 0844 499 9302.

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