Mr P made a claim for a shoulder injury he sustained at work with the help of the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds.

Mr P had to perform manual handling of heavy truck components overhead. He had not had any appropriate work equipment provided. As he was performing the manual handling he fell backwards towards the floor. When Mr P fell he suffered a fractured shoulder socket and a dislocated shoulder. The pain that Mr P suffered was almost unbearable. Mr P’s employers were liable for the injury he sustained as he was not provided with the appropriate equipment.

Manual handling relates to the moving of items either by lifting lowering carrying pushing or pulling. But it’s not just a case of ‘pulling something’ due to the weight of the item although this can be a cause of injury. Injuries can be caused because of the amount of times you have to pick up or carry an item the distance you are carrying it the height you are picking it up from or putting it down at (picking it up from the floor putting it on a shelf above shoulder level) and any twisting bending stretching or other awkward posture you may get in whilst doing a task.

Manual handling is one of the most common causes of injury at work and causes over a third of all workplace injuries which include work related Musculoskeletal Disorders such as upper and lower limb pain/disorders joint and repetitive strain injuries of various seriousness. If you have a genuine claim for a shoulder injury at work you should look into making a claim as soon after your accident as possible; the solicitors at Michael Lewin in Leeds will be able to advise you about the time limits involved in making a claim for compensation.

Manual handling injuries occur in nearly all manual labour roles pre-existing injuries and having received no training will all increase the chances that an injury will occur. Work related injuries are very expensive for the employee in terms of their quality of life outside the workplace. Sometimes repetitive strain injuries or back injuries which are picked up in the workplace can prevent the employee from enjoying hobbies which they once loved. Sleep patterns can be disrupted due to the pain that the employee is suffering from an injury which was caused by something as simple as having an incorrectly aligned desk.

All employers should provide the appropriate training for their employees regarding doing their job safely. This is particularly important for anyone whose job involves manual handling as manual handling accident account for a large proportion of the accidents that are reported at work. The incorrect manual handling skills can lead to a very nasty accident.

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