Claiming after an accident for your personal injuries if there is a third party responsible for the incident occurring has never been easier; one quick phone call to Michael Lewin Solicitors and we can start your claim the very same day.

You are entitled to a free evaluation of your case from Michael Lewin Solicitors if you have been thee innocent victim of a collision on the roads. Any advice you received will be based given based on our expertise in the personal injury field. You are not obliged to start making a claim after you have received our advice and you can ask as many questions as you like about the claiming process if iot will make you feel more comfortable about proceeding.

You can start your claim the same day you call and you will not have to pay anything for us to get started working on your behalf. If you make a personal injury claim with Michael Lewin Solicitors you can do so under the conditional fee agreement The Conditional Fee Agreement also called no win no fee litigation means that you will not be liable for paying any of our fees no matter what the outcome of your case. When your claim is settled you will receive your full compensation amount and it will be yours to spend however you choose; it does not need to be spent on paying your legal fees. We will source our fees from the third party that caused your accident. We will be paid on a result only basis so of we do not get the results then you do not have to pay us.

You should consider claiming after an accident on the road if a third party driver has caused a collision and you have sustained injuries as a result. You can claim compensation both for your physical suffering and for the financial struggle you may have encountered as a result.

Mr Z made a no win no fee personal injury claim after he was left in pain following a collision that was caused entirely by a third party. The third party driver that caused the collision cut across two lanes on a multi-lane highway and collided with Mr Z’s car. Because the third party driver was proceeding incorrectly they were automatically responsible for the accident occurring. This made Mr Z’s claim a straightforward case and we were able to secure Mr Z a total of £1448.00 in personal injury compensation in our usual timely manner.

To start claiming after an accident call Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180.

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