When claiming for industrial deafness it’s important to have the right legal representation from experts who have extensive experience in this field and the work-related illness specialists at Michael Lewin Solicitors can act for you on a ?no win no fee? basis as they have for other victims of noisy workplaces in London and elsewhere in the UK.

Certain professions will always involve working in conditions in which a loud level of noise is generated on a continual basis. These may involve construction manufacturing foundries mining and in factories. Working in call centres and those who are in the entertainment industry may also be at risk from suffering from conditions such as acoustic shock. This can occur when a person is subjected to a very loud noise or a series of noises in succession and if there is no protection to the ears can cause damage that is beyond repair.

Whatever the profession it is the employers responsibility to ensuring there is ear protection available at all times if the consistent levels of noise reach over 80 dB or they should look into reducing noise levels.

If you are considering claiming for industrial deafness and would like to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable legal expert for advice on how best to proceed to be successful in your pursuit of compensation after experiencing hearing loss related to your workplace in London you or a representative acting on your behalf can make a call to Michael Lewin Solicitors on a no obligation basis and our dedicated staff will be more than happy to help you.

Mr D worked in a series of manufacturing plants for over 20 years and was exposed to high noise levels from the machinery he used. He made a hearing loss claim with the help and support of the highly skilled team at Michael Lewin Solicitors after medical professionals linked the deafness in his left ear occasional hearing loss in his right and severe tinnitus to the constant high noise he was subjected to without protective gear. Our expert staff were committed to ensuring he was awarded the compensation he deserved and recovered £24550 for Mr D. He was delighted with the excellent service our staff offered him and the results of the case.

To start claiming for industrial deafness no matter what level of hearing loss you are suffering if you can prove that the hearing loss was caused by noisy work conditions in London and that your employer did not act to protect your ears from damage call the dedicated work-related illness specialist team at Michael Lewin Solicitors today on: 0844 499 9302.

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