Michael Lewin Solicitors are experts at making claims for hearing loss victims in the UK; our Leeds based firm can offer you an exceptional no win no fee service.

You are classed as an innocent victim in the workplace if you have been unaware that your employer was failing to offer you the protection you needed to save your ears from harm. If you were provided with the appropriate level of hearing protection if there were signs in your workplace indicating when you need to wear the protection and if you have failed to follow the health and safety rules enforced in your workplace then you are responsible for any damage that is done to your hearing.

You are a victim of industrial deafness if your employer had not provided you with the correct safety equipment there were no signs in the work environment telling you when ear protection was required and you did not know that the lack of these necessitates was causing harm to your hearing.

Hearing loss is still currently a significant occupational disease with many new claims being made every day. Hopefully with the tightening of the noise at work regulations there will be less and less suffers in the future.

Unfortunately this did not help one of our industrial hearing loss clients because she was employed in a noisy environment when the dangers of excessive noise levels were not so commonly known. We were able to secure Mrs F a textile factory employee secure a compensation award of 315400.50 for her hearing loss as she has sustained significant damage to her ears.

If you have suffered at work from excessive noise levels at work you need to seek advice about claims for hearing loss recompense from the dedicated industrial disease experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds.

Compensation isaccessible in the UK to any victim who has suffered an illness or injury at the hands of their employer. If your employers neglect recklessness carelessness action or inaction has caused damage to your hearing in anyway you can make an industrial disease claim for compensation if you can prove your employer was at fault.

Every employer is responsible for all of the employees in their care. Employers have to keep employees safe in the workplace and to protect them from all of the hazards they could encounter whilst at work. There are different health and safety regulations relation to the varying hazards that can be found in the workplace; working at height rules control of noise regulations and many others every health and safety rule is more relevant to some companies that others. Each of the regulations enforce ways in which employers should approach the hazards and protect their employees.

If you need claims advice for hearing loss victims or you are ready to start pursuing a hearing loss claim for personal injury compensation you should call on of the dedicated personal injury lawyers from Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds as soon as possible about your case on: 0844 499 9302.

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