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Commercial Business Law – ML Solicitors Legal Advice; Are you an employer in search of experienced legal professionals who specialise in employment commercial and business law to provide advice and assistance to your organisation in York? The highly qualified and experienced legal personality Michael Lewin Solicitors specialise in the fields of employment and commercial law and could provide a wide range of services to assist you and help to protect the best interests of your business.

HR Zone published an article on 30 July 2013 written by Ian P Buckingham Founder and Owner of Bring Yourself 2 Work regarding debunking myths about culture change.

The article says "The standout headline from a business breakfast I hosted recently for senior leaders on the topic of building sustainable businesses came from the sustainability supremo of Marks & Spencer. It was that its people who make or break businesses by the way they elect to behave at work especially in this new media age where we are all just one viral scandal away from brand disaster."

He goes on to explain "Being an advocate of building brands and businesses from the inside out this was naturally music to my ears. He was of course talking about reputation management and the need for systems processes and procedures for managing the PR interface via Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn etc something I’ve long called "downstream communication". Yet any enlightened HR director will know that reputation management start-up stream or as a very senior banking executive recently put "the only sure way to stop people saying bad things about you online is to stop doing bad things as a company".

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Some of the myths that are ‘debunked’ in the above-mentioned article are:

? It’s too complex you can’t manage culture ? it is said that business leaders have an obligation to communicate a clear picture of the desired culture necessary to deliver the goals and objectives of the business as well as managing the strategy to deliver this.
? The need for changes intuitive ? it is said that whilst this is the case for some it is important to develop a business case for cultural change including metrics like opportunity cost; cost of compliance; employee retention stats etc and justify any request for resources.

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