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Commercial Law Firm – ML Expert Solicitors; Are you in search of a reputable specialist commercial law firm to assist your organisation in Manchester with the drafting of company policies and contracts? Then you should consult with the highly qualified and experienced legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors who could use their expertise in employment and commercial law to advise and assist your organisation with any related documentation to ensure that you are operating legally and fairly with the minimal potential risk the future employment disputes that could lead to employment tribunal claims arising.

The Daily Mail published an article on the 8 April 2013 written by Sam Webb reporting that "’Zero hours’ job contracts – where workers can be given no hours and don’t get paid as a result – are on the rise among white-collar professionals desperate for work".

The article says that "The contracts mean workers are called to work when needed by bosses there is no guarantee of regular hours regular pay employee benefits or redundancy payments. Employers can call it workers when there is demand but do not have to pay them when they do not need them similar to freelancers although employers are responsible for attacks on the responsibilities for the hours they do work."

Do you require the expert services of legal professionals at a specialist commercial law firm the guidance and assistance at your organisation in Manchester? Then you should make a no obligation call to the employment and commercial law specialists at Michael Lewin Solicitors to discover a diverse range of services that we could offer to your company including advice and assistance with the drafting of company policy documentation and contracts with managing employment disputes by various methods of dispute resolution in negotiating and drafting settlement agreements and providing litigation services.

The above-mentioned article further explains that "They are usually give the skilled and seasonal workers but more and more professions such as doctors and lecturers are now signing up to the according to Ian Brinkley of the thinktank The Work Foundation".

It is reported that he told the Financial Times: "Everyone thinks they are the bargain basement and the labour market: bar work the worst aspects of retail hospitality and restaurants but there’s actually quite a lot in education and health services."

He further adds that: "All the advantages are unambiguously with the employer. For the work the problem with zero hours contracts is that you never know week to the next if you will be employed."

Michael Lewin Solicitors is a well-established and reputable employment and commercial law firm and our experts could offer advice assistance and representation to your organisation in Manchester for a wide range of services including the drafting of contracts company policies and settlement agreements as well as alternative dispute resolution and commercial litigation services; so call our experienced and helpful advisers today to discuss your requirements on: 0113 200 9720.


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