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Commercial Law Firm – ML Solicitors Legal Advice; Are you in search of a specialist employment and commercial law firm who could provide your organisation in York with assistance and accurate advice that is tailored to suit your business needs? Then you should make a no obligation call to the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors to discover how the services of our smart highly skilled and resourceful legal personnel could benefit your company.

The Guardian published an article on Wednesday 31 July 2013 written by Larry Elliott reporting that "Renewed consumer confidence is more than a one-day wonder".

The article informs us that "Consumer confidence is on the mend. That is the clear message from the monthly snapshot of the UK provided by GfK which found that sentiment is back to the level attained in April 2010 a period in which the economy posted its fastest quarterly growth since the start of the recession in 2008."

It goes on to say "On the evidence from GfK this is more than a one-day wonder. Consumer confidence has a tendency to bounce around but the index has risen by 11 points in the past three months and has been on a clear upward trend since the end of 2012. The 12 month moving average started the year at -29 and now stands that -25. While this hardly suggests that consumers are jumping for joy it does indicate that the mood is less gloomy than it was this time last year."

Are you seeking the specialist services of experienced legal professionals at a commercial law firm for your company in York? The employment and commercial law specialists at Michael Lewin Solicitors could provide accurate advice that is tailored to suit the needs of your business ensuring that you are fully informed of any implications are particular course of action may have the company before embarking on it as well is handling time-consuming paperwork on your behalf and providing outstanding legal representation which required.

The above-mentioned article also tells us that "Good weather could have something to do with this but this would only explain the five-point improvement in July not the pick-up in earlier months when it was cold and wet. The compensation payments for miss sold protection payment insurance have also helped boost consumer incomes but were probably more important in 2012 and 2013."

It also says "The past few months have seen the confluence of three separate trends all positive for consumer confidence. First the labour market has improved. There are more jobs available and anyone who has survived this long without being made redundant is now probably breathing a sigh of relief. Second the Bank of England has indicated that low interest rates are here to stay. There is no chance of the cost of borrowing rising until 2015 at the earliest; this may well have released some of the spending pent up over the years of hunkering down."

Michael Lewin Solicitors is a well-established and reputable employment and commercial law firm that always puts the business needs of our clients first and our team of highly qualified and experienced legal personnel could provide a wide range of services to your organisation in York always working to protect the best interests of your business and achieve the best possible outcome available to you from corporate transactions employment disputes and commercial litigation; so speak with our helpful advisers today to discuss your business requirements by calling: 0113 200 9720.


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