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Commercial Law Firm – MLS; Is your organisation seeking advice from a commercial law firm for advicebased around the redundancy process? Are you seeking advice on the redundancy process or is your company facing legal action following a redundancy of an employee?

Making redundancies can be very difficult for any organisation to go through. There are many aspects of employment law which are implemented to ensure that an employer gives their employees the correct opportunities and payment on redundancy.

An employee is usually entitled to redundancy pay a notice period a consultation period with the employer the option to move into a different job and time off to find a new job. However the laws surrounding what an employer must offer can differ depending on their specific situation.

Keeping up with employment law and any changes made to UK law can be very time consuming so it is therefore often more cost effective and less time consuming to seek an expert employment firm to receive advice before starting the redundancy process.

The team at Michael Lewin Solicitors understand that a redundancy period can be a stressful time for an employer to undertake and so they base their advice and services on your company’s particular situation. You can be assured that the team will tailor make their services to suit your requirements and you will receive the best advice to help protect your organisations finances and reputation as well as ensuring the process is carried out as efficiently as possible at a competitive price.

My organisation requires a commercial law firm to assist with the redundancy process; can the team provide advice throughout the difficult procedure? Can the experts provide assistance throughout a tribunal should it arise?

Yes; the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors are able to assist your organisation throughout the full redundancy process to ensure that this is carried out correctly. However if your company has already completed the redundancy process and you are now in need of legal representation at a tribunal as a former employee is claiming for unfair dismissal then the team are also able to offer this service.

An article written on the 30th of July 2012 explains how a construction company based in Cheltenham was ordered to pay out œ27000 in total to two former employees. The Tribunal was raised by the employees with claims that the company had not provided them with a consultation before the redundancy was made leaving the employees feeling as though they had been chosen without a fair reason. The tribunal heard that although the two men were offered redundancy pay they were disgruntled to not receive a proper consultation and they were within their rights to take their former employer to the Tribunal. The managing director of Beam Construction told the Tribunal how the company did what they thought was right by the former employees. Unfortunately what they thought was right and what was right by employment law differed.

If your company requires advice from an experienced commercial law firm leading up to making redundancies or if you require legal representation throughout a tribunal process then you should contact the expert team at Michael Lewin Solicitors today on: 0113 200 9720.


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