Compensation Awarded to Victim of Bull Attack

In 2010 Glenis Freeman and her husband Rodger Freeman were walking along a public footpath in a field in Stanford-on-Soar when they were attacked by a bull.

Sadly Mr Freeman was killed in the attack. Mrs Freeman managed to escape the attack, but having sustained a series of injuries was hospitalised for several weeks.

The couple had no idea that they were walking into a field with a bull in it- Mrs Freeman told the Leicester Mercury that had the farmer put up a sign warning of the bull, they would never have entered the field.

Although the dairy farmer who owned the bull was found not guilty of manslaughter, Mrs Freeman has recently settled a claim for damages against the owner and reportedly received a ‘significant sum’.

Under the Animals Act 1971 and other legislation, owners of animals, whether dangerous species or not, have a duty to restrain animals if the animal was likely to cause harm and to warn people of the danger posed by the animal.

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