Case Study: Compensation For Disability Discrimination in Bristol

Compensation For Disability Discrimination Bristol Have you decided that you would like to find out some more information about compensation for disability discrimination in Bristol and would like to speak to Michael Lewin Solicitors about your case? Do you think that the way that you have been treated goes against your contract and that you have had very little support from your employer with regards to be discriminated against? Has your working life become increasingly more difficult leading to you wanting to embark upon a claim?

Once you have made the decision that you would like to embark upon a claim it is likely that you are actively seeking a firm to be able to act on your behalf as you proceed with your case. We were contacted by a client called Mr H who explained that he was interested in looking into a claim for compensation following employment that he had with a large UK banking group.

The claimant explained that he had been sent to prison the 10 months for an assault but that this was entirely unrelated to his employment. Because of the incident the claimant ended up not working for the bank any more but when applying for alternative work with another large banking group his previous employer gave him a poor reference by informing the new banking group that he had a disciplinary action pending against him. The claimant believes that because of the way in which his previous employer had represented him it had cost him any chance of being successful in getting work with the new banking group.

Are you ready to speak to one of our advisors at Michael Lewin Solicitors with regards to compensation for a disability discrimination claim in Bristol? Do you think that you have been discriminated against in any way and would like to find out whether compensation could be an option for you?

Compensation can be a useful tool for a person that has been discriminated against be it through disability discrimination or discrimination such as explained above where an individual’s past affects their future. Any kind of discrimination which occurs either whilst an individual is employed or when they are seeking employment can be illegal if the discrimination is something which is costing the person any potential success.

For example if an individual applies for a job and the potential employer has been discriminated against for reasons such as age gender and other such potential discrimination groups the potential employer can be held responsible for discriminating against the person and it is possible that a claim for compensation could be brought against them. If you think that you have suffered from discrimination in this way we suggest that you contact our team and deliver all of the details surrounding the event so that we can begin to help you establish whether you would be eligible.

If you are ready to speak to Michael Lewin Solicitors about compensation for a disability discrimination claim in Bristol you can contact our team by calling 0844 844 9866.

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