Our client came to Michael Lewin after he needed compensation when he suffered a slip trip or fall injury in Manchester.

Mr M was injured in an accident in a store. He was shopping in the supermarket when he slipped and fell.

There is no set amount of compensation for each type of accident in a public place. The amount of compensation you receive following your accident will depend on multiple factors the most common of which are:
? The nature and severity of the injuries you have suffered; you are more likely to get a higher rate of compensation for injuries such as broken bones and scarring than you are for bruising and soft tissue damage.
? The amount you earn; the more you earn the more you have lost out on. Therefore if you are in a higher paid job you will be entitled to higher rate of compensation to reimburse you for your loss of earnings.
? The amount of time you have spent rehabilitating; the longer you have had to have of work the more earnings you will have lost out on therefore compensation for loss of earnings will be higher. If you have had to spend a long time recovering from an accident and you have been suffering during that time you may get a higher rate of compensation for the prolonged period of suffering.

If you need compensation after a slip trip or fall accident in Manchester then come to Michael Lewin; our solicitors take great delight in getting the maximum compensation they can achieve on behalf of their client.

Slips and trips can easily be avoided by:
1. Walkways should always be kept clear of obstructions
2. Spills should be immediately dealt with and where possible this should be attempted as a liquid free clean up
3. Floors should be designed to be non slippery if it is expected that they may have liquids dropped on them frequently
4. Cleaning staff should be trained to avoid using cleaning products which can increase the slip factor of the floor surface
5. Floors should be even where possible
6. If an uneven floor surface is unavoidable then signs at eye level should inform the public of this fact
7. Stairs should be cordoned off if they are unsafe for the public

If like Mr M you have had an accident which was not your fault Michael Lewin can help to get the financial compensation to recover from your accident.

Michael Lewin can help you if you need compensation after a slip trip or fallin Manchester; call 0844 499 9302 todayto speak to our helpful solicitors.

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