Michael Lewin have experts with many years of experience in getting compensation for clients after they have been injured after using fauly equipment which they were issued in work.

Miss H from South Yorkshire was only 22 when she claimed compensation after an accident at work.She received an electric shock to the head from a faulty telephone headset at work. Our client is only too aware that this accident might have had much more serious repercussions for her.

Electrocution can in very rare circumstances prove fatal our client was able to make a claim as the equipment that she was using was defective. Her workplace had not completely fulfilled their legal obligations under the 1974 act and so compensation was awarded to her for the suffering that she had endured.

If you need financial compensation after using faulty equipment which you were issued in your workplace then the highly skilled solicitors at Michael Lewin can help you to get settlement in Manchester.

If you are unsure if you are entitled to make a claim for compensation then speak to our professional injury solicitors at Michael Lewin. The health and safety at work act of 1974 is the major piece of legislation covering occupational health and safety in the United Kingdom if you are in any doubt as to whether you employer has adhered to this legislation our team will be able to give you their specialist advice over the phone free of charge.

Michael Lewin take a great deal of pride in their ability to get maximum compensation for their clients in the shortest timescale possible as we are aware that especially in these austere times that few people have a wealth of savings which they are able to fall back upon. Our solicitors are very aware of the difference that the correct amount of financial remuneration will make to their clients quality of life. Employers should be aware that non-abidance of these requirements results in very serious consequences for themselves and their employees. The victims of these workplace accidents can be in danger of losing their homes if they are unable to work and have not been able to get compensation for their injuries.

Speak to one of our personal injury compensation experts at Michael Lewin if you have been injured as a result of an accident which was caused by using faulty equipment in Manchester call us now:0844 499 9302.There are time limits in place so call us today to start the claims process.

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