Mr B wanted to make a compensation claim after a neck injury in a public place in Manchester.

Mr B was injured in a freak accident in a public place. He was struck on the head and neck by a sign which had come loose above his head for a take-away restuarant.

If you are injured after an accident like this one then you can take action against the owner of the public space which you were using. Owners and directors of public places legally have to take out insurance and should also ensure that their spaces are kept free from hazards.

This occurrence where a sign has come loose is not as rare as it should be. Other accidents which occur in public places and that we see here at Michael Lewin regularly would include:
? Escalators and lifts being incorrectly operated or not maintained frequently and thus causing injuries
? Slips in shopping centres and in shops themselves
? Trips over abandoned items in walkways which staff have not been properly trained to clear away
? Trip hazards being left such as rugs and carpets when they need repairs or replacing

This list is in no way exhaustive it is just a general idea of the types of accidents that we see here and that we can put together a case for our clients so they can get the maximum compensation that they need. If you have had an accident and need to make a compensation claim after a neck injury in Manchester then call Michael Lewin as we have years of experience.

Signs which are mounted above the height of a standing person should have particular care taken when it is mounted and should also be subject to safety checks. These safety precautions should be taken to ensure that items like these cannot drop down on top of customers or innocent members of the public. Signs above head height obviously can cause serious injury as they can fall on client’s heads causing brain damage or even fatalities at their most severe.

Our solicitors love getting you the compensation that you are entitled to in order to put the accident behind you and continue on with your life as much as possible in the way you were previously operating before the accident. The compensation that you receive will be dependent on many factors so for expert advice on your specific case call our helpful staff today.

If you need compensation come to Michael Lewin to pursue your claim after a neck injury in Manchester on 0844 499 9302.

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