Compensation claims for many different types of accidents are made in the UK every year. Many of these claims are dealt with by Michael Lewin Solicitors; we are a highly respected and professional firm of solicitors who always protect the interests of our clients first and foremost.

Every claim for personal injury compensation is different; no two awards are calculated the same way. Many factors are taken into consideration when your award amount is being calculated and the level of compensation you receive will have to be appropriate for the combination of physical emotional and financial traumas you have suffered as a direct result of an accident.

To calculate how much we think you are entitled to we base your award amount on:

? Whether you have sustained a single injury or whether you have sustained multiple injuries..

? The type of injury you have sustained.

? The degree of suffering you have had to endure after the incident and the amount of time it has taken you to recover.

? The impact that the injury has had if any on your ability to carry out your daily activities and your ability to work.

? The financial impacts that have occurred as a direct result of the injuries you have sustained.

? The level of treatment you required after your injury was sustained and the costs of travelling to receive the treatment and pay for prescriptions.

If you need compensation claims advice for auto accidents victims about starting a case in the UK the experts at Michael Lewin will be able to help you. We have settled countless claims already and strive to be just as successful with any new cases we start on. We will settle your claim when we are satisfied you are being awarded what you deserve.

We were able to award Mr T with £2300.00 in personal injury compensation as the injuries he sustained were of a level that meant this amount was appropriate for his suffering.

We will base your award amount on your description of the injuries and any medical evidence that can be provided by your GP. You will also have to see an independent medical examiner so that they can carry out a full assessment of your injuries. We will arrange this for you as close as possible to your home but it is vital you attend the appointment if you wish to receive an award.

To speak to the compensation claims experts or to speak to the road traffic accidents specialists about your case call Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180.

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