Mr E was awarded a large amount of compensation for an accident he was involved in at work; Michael Lewin Solicitors were very happy with the results they achieved on Mr E’s behalf.

Mr E cut his finger on a fridge door at work. Due to the fact the accident was not his fault and that his employers should not have allowed broken equipment to be used in the workplace Michael Lewin Solicitors were able to secure £6500.00 in compensation for Mr E’s injury.

Suffering such a traumatic laceration to his hand was not a nice experience for Mr E and the team of employer liability solicitors at Michael Lewin hope that the compensation he received helped Mr E deal with the accident.

In many smaller businesses the owner will take the responsibility for the health and safety whilst in larger organisations there may be a few staff with health and safety issues as their full time role.

When it comes to duty of care the primary job of the competent person is to carry out a risk assessment. This needs to identify the health and safety risks of each employee in the workplace. The outcome of the risk assessment may vary according to the size of an organisation. If it has five or more employees a competent person has to keep a record of the assessment’s results.

If you want to seek compensation for an accident at work in London you should seek the advice of a professional claims specialist. Michael Lewin Solicitors are more than happy to assess your case over the phone.

Harm is caused by either the action or sometimes the inaction of the employer. Some actions which could be considered harmful to employers could include an employer removing a safety guard for cutting equipment thus increasing the likelihood for an accident to occur. An inaction causing harm could be something as simple as an employer not replacing a mat by the entrance to the building and this causing a slip or trip. Another inaction which frequently occurs is employers not insisting that warning signs are in place when liquids are spilt on the floor.A duty of care is a much used legal term which comes into play when a company or organisation does something which could be reasonably expected to cause another person harm either intentionally or through neglect.

If as an employee you feel that your employer has failed to either act or they have been negligent by an inaction which could reasonably have been predicted to cause an accident then you can take legal action to get compensation. Michael Lewin can provide detailed legal advice on the circumstances of your case.

Whether your accident happened at work at someone’s home or in a public place Michael Lewin Solicitors team of dedicated lawyers will be able to offer you all the advice and support you need to make a claim.

To make a claim for an accident at work today call Michael Lewin Solicitors in London on: 0844 499 9302.

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