Mr Fisk’s claim was upheld when he contacted Michael Lewin about compensation for his age discrimination claim.

Mr Fisk 59 works in a well known chain of department stores where he is a department manager covering an area of men’s clothing throughout the store. His senior management that he has to report to is a much younger man aged 26.

Mr Fisk has worked in the store for about 25 years and although offered the position of general manager he turned down the position as was happy with the responsibility of his role. The new manager has been very hard to work with making Mr Fisk’s life quite unpleasant with the unease of having to manage someone so much older than him.

There are often embarrassments in meetings about Mr Fisk’s abilities condescending comments and subtle remarks that are made to reinforce the levels of authority. Mr Fisk has been made to change most of his routines and management attitudes even if they were working fine. He feels that the tact of the younger manager is inappropriate and unprofessional so sought advice.

Do you experience an inequality at work and feel that your age is used against you and would like compensation for age discrimination in a claim?
If you want more advice about compensation for an age discrimination claim call the Michael Lewin’s Team now on: 0844 499 9302.

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