Mr Pointon contacted Michael Lewin about getting compensation for bullying in work in London and was successful with his claim.

Mr Pointon had got an apprenticeship as a mechanic in London and found work at a garage 4 years ago which was all running smoothly until the management changed. When he was at school he had had an accident climbing over a metal fence and caught his ring finger which ended up pulling it off.

His lack of the fourth finger never inhibited his work but when the new management took over at the garage a few problems arose. He had a spout of dermatitis on his hand but the management thought it was related to his missing finger and would not let him carry on with his normal duties.

In essence they pushed him out of what was already working fine and dropped hints that they didn?t want someone with a hand like his interacting with the public. They made it impossible for him to carry on with what he had worked so hard to learn to do.

?I know that my previous management wouldn?t have treated me like this and I feel like they have pushed me out of my work place my job that I love. I contacted Michael Lewin to get compensation for bullying in work in London?.

If you need advice about getting compensation for bullying in work in London call the Michael Lewin’s Team now on: 0844 499 9302.

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