Mr Riddick sought advice from Michael Lewin about getting compensation for bullying in work in the UK and was successful with his case.

Mr Riddick worked as a parking inspector for 15 years and then moved so relocated in the UK but still for the same company. He suffers from the condition Scoliosis and has to where leg callipers to even out the unbalance in length of his legs. This does make his walk noticeably unnatural but he has never considered it too much of a problem.

At his new work place he didn?t fit in quite so well with the predominantly male staff base focussing on his condition and making his daily routine more difficult than it needed to be by posting him in multi-storey car parks with no lifts sending him on longer routes without easy access and particularly hilly areas. It was all unnecessary bullying that made Mr Riddick’s life terrible but he didn?t complain until it got too much and he contacted Michael Lewin.

?There was no need for what they did and I didn?t want to make a fuss or let them know I was affected by their attempts to upset me but it got too much so I contacted Michael Lewin about compensation for bullying in work in the UK?.

If you think you have a case for getting compensation for bullying in work in the UK call the Michael Lewin’s Team now on: 0844 499 9302.

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