Are you looking to pursue compensation for hearing loss caused by a constantly noisy workplace in London? Then the highly experienced and fully qualified legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors may be able to help you. We offer an expert service on a ?no win no fee? basis to ensure your claim is stress and hassle free.

If you are considering making a claim for industrial deafness or noise-related hearing loss caused by noisy working conditions to which you were subjected for a prolonged period of time you must be able to prove that the workplace noise levels were of such a level that they were highly likely to have inflicted the injury and that your employers did not take any reasonable action to look after your safety particularly protecting your ears from harm. A medical professional must have diagnosed your hearing loss.

Several factors are taken into consideration when compensation is awarded for noise-related hearing loss. These include whether the victim is suffering from complete deafness or temporary hearing loss if it is in one or both ears and whether there is any tinnitus present. Compensation is worked out accordingly as to the severity of the suffering.

If you want professional advice for claiming compensation for hearing loss sustained after being exposed to high levels of noise by your employer in London the experts at Michael Lewin can offer guidance and assess your hearing loss claim over the phone with no obligation to pursue compensation. If we think you may be eligible for compensation we can offer our excellent ?no win no fee? service to help you make your claim for industrial/occupational deafness.

Michael Lewin Solicitors were able to successfully negotiate compensation of £12300 for Mr F who after working as a fettler for two foundries over a period of 31 years during which time he was exposed to the noise of the machinery he worked with constantly discovered he was suffering from hearing loss. Medical professionals confirmed that his moderate hearing loss and mild levels of tinnitus were linked to his previous work. Mr F told is that for many years there was no protective gear provided and that when it was introduced no training was given to make employees aware of the dangers and the use of the ear protection was not enforced.

For more information on claiming compensation for hearing loss in London or elsewhere in the UK make a call to our dedicated work-related illness team at Michael Lewin Solicitors and one of our friendly advisors can speak with you or a representative on your behalf about pursuing a claim on: 0844 499 9302.

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