Michael Lewin Solicitors are experts in securing compensation successfully for hearing loss victims in the UK. We are dedicated to helping innocent victims of excessive sound levels in the workplace claim the compensation they are legally entitled to for the damage that has been done to their hearing through no fault of their own. Michael Lewin Solicitors personal injury team always aims to get the maximum amount of compensation available depending on our clients? level of suffering whilst ensuring that the claim is settled in the timeliest manner.

By innocent victim at work we mean that you have to have been unaware that your employer was failing to offer you the protection you needed to save your hearing from damage. If you have been provided with an appropriate level of hearing protection if there are signs in your workplace indicating when you need to wear the equipment and if you have failed to follow the regulations then you are responsible for the damage to your ears.

If your employer had not provided you with the required equipment there were no signs in the workplace indicating when ear protection was required and you did not know that this was causing harm to your hearing then this is a good example of when you would have a successful personal injury case for hearing loss compensation.

If you have suffered from excessive noise levels at work you should consider compensation for your hearing loss by making a hearing loss claim in the UK.

Compensation is widely available in the UK for anyone who has suffered industrial hearing loss at the hands of their employer. If your employers neglect recklessness carelessness action or inaction has caused harm to your hearing in anyway you can make a personal injury claim for compensation if you can prove your employer was at fault for the damage.

Every employer has a legal responsibility to all of their employees to keep them safe as possible in the workplace and to protect them from any hazard they will and might encounter whilst working. There are different rules for different types of risk in the workplace; working at height working with noise working with chemicals and many others each of which are more relevant to some working environments that others. Each of the regulations come with guidelines about how employers should approach the hazards and offer protection to their employees. If your employer has failed to identify risks and protect you accordingly then they are liable for your hearing injury.

Miss Q made a personal injury claim after her employer failed to identify the risks of the noise levels in the working environment to employees. Miss Q was awarded a total of £3890.00 in compensation. If you need compensation advice for hearing loss victims or you are ready to start pursuing a hearing loss claim for personal injury compensation you should call on of the dedicated personal injury lawyers from Michael Lewin Solicitors as soon as possible about your case. Do not delay call us today on: 0844 499 9302.

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