Do you need compensation to help you come to terms with the fact you are suffering from industrial deafness?

You are one of nearly quarter of a million employees in the UK who is experiencing some sort of hearing difficulties as a direct result of your employment. If you are working in a noisy environment and you have not been provided with adequate protection or you were exposed to a sudden and loud noise you could be eligible to make a successful personal injury claim with the help of the industrial deafness team from Michael Lewin Solicitors.

Over 15% of the employees in the UK who are suffering from hearing problems will be suffering from tinnitus. Tinnitus is a condition that is often associated with excessive noise levels in the workplace. It can lead to a sufferer thinking that an external noise is constantly buzzing humming or ringing; this noise is constant and there is no break from it. Some sufferers may have intermittent noises but this is still just as much of a hindrance. Tinnitus is usually a result of prolonged exposure to loud noises and is an industrial related disease. Somepeople do however just develop tinnitus for no apparent reason.

If you want to start seeking compensation for the industrial deafness you have developed as a direct result of working in a noisy environment you need to start your claim as soon as possible after a diagnosis has been made. As with all personal injury claims there is a time limit for claiming industrial deafness compensation. Your employer is legally obliged to protect your from harm in the workplace; this includes providing an appropriate level of protection from the noise in your working environment. If your employer has failed to protect you you will need the help of the industrial deafness team at Michael Lewin Solicitors.

If you have developed tinnitus because of your work environment whether it is because you are exposed to loud tools throughout your working day or because you are subjected to loud music in your workingenvironment you are able to make a claim for your injuries if your employer did not prevent you from sustaining the injuries. If your employer did not offer you adequate protection from your noisy workplace then they are liable for your injuries.

Mr D made a personal injury claim for the terrible level of tinnitus he has been suffering from for at least the last ten years; for 8 years Mr D ignores the annoying sounds in his head but over the last two years they have developed significantly. We were able to secure Mr D £16240.00 for the serious tinnitus he developed at work and the deafness associated with the condition.

Are you ready to start making a compensation case for the industrial deafness you have developed? Do you want a highly qualified and experienced legal professional to work on your behalf to ensure that you get the best possible result for your case? If you want to make a no win no fee claim with some of the best industrial injury and accident solicitors on your side you need to call Michael Lewin Solicitors as soon as possible on: 0844 499 9302

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