Mr Newarte used Michael Lewin to get him compensation after he was the victim ofharassment at work.

Mr Newartewas a fisherman who worked mainly out at sea. The captain began to struggle to locate fish and he began to be verbally abusive towards our client.

He constantly blamed our client in particular for the low tonnage of fish which the boat was catching and he would yell the foulest abuse at Mr Newarte.

Mr Newarte was tired of the constant harassment in work so he resigned after suffering abuse for nearly a year. I would like compensation as I have been a victim of harassment in work and I would like advice from experienced employment solicitors at Michael Lewin.

Mr Newarte has been delighted to receive compensation for the treatment he received. He is very pleased that his claim has been settled with so little effort and pressure on his behalf.

If you need compensation and have suffered from harassment in work and you would like Michael Lewin employment lawyers to start your claim today on:0844 499 9302.

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