Mr Upshallgetscompensation after he was a victim of harassment at work; he chose Michael Lewin employment law specialists to fight his claim.

Mr Upshall had been a carpet and rug cleaner for a large carpet cleaning company. His company had changed cleaning products which they used to clean their carpets.

The company invited all staff to attend a new product launch to see the new products in action. Our client was not given a date to attend this course.

Mr Upshall was not allowed to invoice for overtime; upper management started to give himhouses to visit which were miles away from each other. Fed up of the constant harassment our client came to us before he resigned. I need compensation as I have been the victim of harassment at work; I would like to make a claim.

Mr Upshallhas been delighted with the amount of compensation that he won. Michael Lewin won an out of court settlement on behalf of our client reached a few days before court proceedings began. If Michael Lewin can help to get compensation after you have been the victim of harassment at work and would like to make a claim call us now on:0844 499 9302.

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