Complaints about Doctors Double in Half a Decade

Complaints about Doctors Double in Half a Decade

According to recent figures complaints against doctors have doubled in the last five years.

In 2012 there were 8100 complaints and just under 4000 in 2007 as shown in data from the General Medical Council.

Nearly a third of all complaints led to a regulator’s full investigation.

However doctor’s leaders said that the data was only proportionate to a small care area in the NHS – there are currently 250000 doctors in the UK.

The increase in complaints and the investigations that follow are still a concern.

The growing number of complaints is concurrent with the worries concerning the Stafford Hospital scandal.

Research by patient watchdog Healthwatch England released last week insinuated that problems were not being reported.

Its survey highlighted that half of people who had experienced a problem did not report it.

Healthwatch England chairwoman Anna Bradley told the BBC: “We all have a right to safe dignified and high-quality care.”

Out of the 8109 of complaints lodged last year 2673 were pushed forward to an investigation.

In total 179 warnings and sanctions have already been implemented but 900 cases remain open.

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